The Taste Of Dreams

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last February 10, I was astounded to hear the news of what was once just a home-based cake business has now become a stand-alone café and a one-stop-shop for anything sweet–Chocolates and Creams: “The Taste of Dreams”. This whole idea sprung from the imaginations and visions of two friends and business partners, Shela Camarinta and Melody Joy Tan.


The Owners
Camarinta and Tan, both decided to work in Singapore after graduating from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan with the degree of Food Technology. After numerous work experiences and trainings, they both decided to travel Asia before coming back home to venture into the world of business. These two pastry chefs shared the same goal of bringing their worldwide sweet undertakings right here in the City Of Golden Friendship.
What can you find inside Chocolates and Creams?


Most of their creations contain cashew nuts, a homegrown product of CDO in an attempt to add a touch of something purely Kagay-anon in their global inspired creations. There are actually a lot of unique pastries you can find inside the shop. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to order, don’t worry because the owners are always ready to offer you ideas of what you should try. Here are some of the top picks that I recommend that you guys should try:


Tamago– The term simply means ‘egg’ in Japanese. Maybe you could take a guess where this was inspired? Yes, from Japan. The two foodie travelers first saw these dessert in Japan and came up with the idea of bringing it here because this is too awesome not to be shared with the Kagay-anons. They tweaked the fixings a little to give it more taste and color. True enough, you can never go wrong with cashew nuts!

The French Toast Fondue– I got so curious when I first saw this one. It’s basically French toast that comes with three different dip: chocolate syrup, caramel, and cinnamon powder. You can enjoy these by mixing the flavors. Definitely a must try!


The Happy Shots– Who would’ve thought that drinking out of test tubes could actually be really fun and thirst quenching?  These yogurt fruit drinks are perfect to match the delectable sweet cakes. You can also order the full glass if test tubes aren’t enough to satisfy your thirst.


CNC Signature Ice Cream– Not only does it look good, it also tastes magnificent too! Vanilla ice cream topped with cashew sansrival and chocolate! Simply soul-quenching!
Personally, I would need a week to try everything that’s on the menu especially their cakes. The place is just perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth matched with good music and good service. If you’re a big fan of anything sweet and unceasingly crave for sweets, I say you give this is quaint cozy café a visit located at Velez-Hayes Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.

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